7 Trendy Ways to Increase Your Home Value This Year

7 Trendy Ways to Increase Your Home Value This Year

7 Trendy Ways to Increase Your Home Value This Year

So you are looking for some remodeling trends this year for sprucing up your home and you are actually looking for fast return. You are not alone in these thoughts because according to a study from Harvard University, there been a hike of 7.5 % in spending on home improvements and repairs in US this year as compared with that of 2017. As per 2018 Homeowner protection Survey by Chubb, 65% of the people planning to renovate their homes are in a mood to spend at least $10,000 and this range goes upwards of $40,000!

Knowing these trendy home additions is very vital for you as a homeowner because money is hard to get and you certainly don’t want to spend it on trends that would be useless in future.

By the rule of ‘Do as Romans Do’, it is vital to consider your home’s current market cost and those around you in neighbors. As a threshold you can pick the ones that top out in your area and then compare your value with those. By this you would have a rough estimate on how much you need to invest on renovation and upgradades.

The updating and renovating could be as trivial as a backyard landscaping to as hefty as a complete basement renovation or swap of your carpet floors with those of hardwood floors. But whatever is cooking in your mind regarding this it is better to instantly take a paper and a pen and jot down the trends I am going to share because an intentionally planned renovation could be compensated partially or completely.

So now let’s jump in those cheap fixes that would boost the value of your home and you would not be putting yourself in that creepy poorhouse.

Let your kitchen Cook Dollars for you

So the big news is that in 2018 still the top trend in any home improvement project has kitchen upgrades in its scope. Cooking and cleaning is that unpaid work on which most of time is being spent by us. According to a study quoted by Tom Barlow, 2 hours and 8 minutes on average are being spent by us for cooking and cleaning, besides one hour and 14 minutes of eating meals.

Hence this is a considerable share of time we actually spend in our homes. This proves the truth of the fact that kitchen is the heart of a home.

Your kitchen has to be in line with the trends of renovation and upgrades this year and in accordance with advancements in technologies and changing social dynamics. Gone are the days when you have to open and close the tap of faucets; now we have smart motion sensitive faucets that sense the presence of moving hands underneath these and many other smart technologies would surely be adding value to your home. So keep these novel techniques in mind while refurbishing your kitchens because potential buyers are actually looking for such innovations.

In addition to upgrade the fixtures an investment in upgrades of all the appliance like refrigerators, microwave ovens and cooking range would also do the trick. The cabinets, flooring and walls can also be looked into for a resurfacing and replacement if are old-fashioned.

Update Bathrooms for a Compelling feel

This part of refurbishment is bit tricky and is among the regular needs most of the times. So keep an eye on the trending styles to adopt as they won’t change too quickly and thus you can keep them going for few years without fearing of being terribly updated. The potential buyers are seeking refreshing looks in bathrooms and if you do so would surely be going to add up as a return.

In most of the cases you can opt to replace cheap things like shower curtain or small decor fixtures or elements like vanities and of course toilets. This would give your bathroom a feel of an update without damaging your budget.

You are very lucky as your living in 2018 as monochrome, clean and minimalist bathroom are back in style and trend. As they are of one color so by opting one you would be at ease to update, change or renovate whenever there is a need.

Refashion your Entry

Back in the day, most of us had knobs on entry doors but here is the time to replace that with a substantial-looking handle and lock set so as to signal newcomers that this is a solid home. As first impression has long lasting impacts so idea behind refashioning the entry is to decorate and incorporate trendy features in the drive way and walkways.

For exterior design and landscaping new rising trend in texturing is interlocking stones or custom bricks with decorate accent finishes instead of smooth, unadorned driveways. You can incorporate inlaid lighting in addition to the traditional side lamps or lanterns that would decorate and illuminate your driveways with that extra light in the garden and patio with an added safety bonus.

Incorporation of green element in your concrete / stone slabs is very important and a trendy style in landscaping features of your driveways. It must create the illusion of natural and seamless paving so choose trendy ferns, deep green grasses, flower vines and natural tones.

Bright your fate up with light

All of your rooms have to be well-lit and bright so if they are equipped with those recessed lights so here is the time to replace them or add eye catching chandelier especially in your dining and living rooms. A well lit room would look spacious so opt those lightning mojo trends.

Geometric shapes have taken over the lighting market and these days’ triangle, diamond or round shape versions of lights are some cool trends to look for. If you are on a tight budget than a contemporary chandelier in dining room would do the perfect work for you.

Add value by adding a room

An addition of room to the existing building of your house could be very fruitful in terms of value and return of investment. Although you might need to have an extension in the current layout of your home but with proper planning and avoiding the disturbance to other parts of your house you can achieve this extension quite easily. So you can convert your two bed room house into three-bedroom house and it would surely be adding value to your property by appealing to a broader set of market and people would be willing to pay more.

But this extension and addition of room is subjected to your surrounding trends and liking and disliking of the buyers as well. One of the simplest way of adding a bedroom is to convert extra bit of spaces or rooms that you actually think is not that much useful and convert that room or space into a bedroom with an addition of closet or so that would cost only around $900-1200 or so.

Replace or add carpets underfoot

Carpets are back with a boom and thanks to the innovation in technologies now they are much softer and robust. Low-VOC and eco-friendly carpets are trending this year because they won’t stink up your home with toxic odors. Among many other trends in terms of colors and textures, carpet tiles are trendy as you can mix and match them to create unique patterns. Carpet tiles can stick to hard floors using removable, non-toxic adhesives.

Use Wallpapers

The walls of your home have to be outfitted decently and the use of wallpaper is now trending in the community. These wallpapers are easily available in market with various dimensions and because they are printed digitally they are flawless as compared with that of textured paints.

Because they are comparatively expensive so in most of the cases you can use it in areas of high impact like an entry way or a living room only. As they are now becoming common so you can easily find the texture and tint of your home’s theme.

The use of wallpapers on walls will make your rooms attractive and colorful that would surely be having a solid impact on the value of your home.

Closing Remarks

Although you might be feeling frenetic after going through these amazing tips on multiplying the value of your home but remember don’t overdo. Rather tackle one room at a time; make a commitment, go through the trends, make a plan, set your goal and make smart improvements rather than heavy weight additions.

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